IAMA Former Peace Corps volunteer that was raped during service.

“In the weeks that would follow, I received emails from the Peace Corps on how I could have prevented this.”


A quote from the discussion thread:

“When I was a volunteer in West Africa, I remember a similar assault on a volunteer then.

Peace Corps treated her exactly the same way, essentially telling her she’d put herself at risk and doing nothing to prosecute the man involved. At the time, a few dozen volunteers (we were a small program, so this represented the vast majority of our population) went to the embassy to protest directly with the ambassador, as PC HQ wasn’t hearing our complaints. I’m appalled this attitude hasn’t changed in the decade since. I hope you’ll continue to tell your story and, hopefully, this awful experience won’t have to be repeated ad infinitum. I agree with your analysis that this is one clear weak spot in an otherwise very worthwhile program.”

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