Current Projects

Peace Corps Journals PeaceCorpsJournals gives you instant update of fresh stories told by Peace Corps Volunteers all over the world. It is the largest and the most updated online archive of the volunteers’ stories. Every story manifests a valuable and special experience. Read these stories and learn more about Peace Corps, new cultures, and Peace Corps volunteers’ exciting life. (link to more) Since the late 1990s, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) have been posting their experiences in Peace Corps (PC) on the internet in “web-logs”, now colloquially called “blogs”. The number of volunteer blogs has grown dramatically in just the past few years: from 1,300 in Aug 2006 to close to 10,000 in Dec 2010.

Peace Corps Wiki Peace Corps Wiki is a collaborative project whose goal is to create a free, interactive, and up-to-date source of information about serving as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps. Anyone is welcome to edit, add, or change any entry, or start a new one. So far there are a over 7,000 pages that have been written and edited by (R)PCVs and Friends of Peace Corps from around the world.


These sites are managed by Developmentary Inc. a Virginia Registed Nonprofit Corporation 501c3. This nonprofit is independent and founded by RPCVs and no aspect of its development has received incubation or funding from any public, private, or governmental institutions.


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