Peace Corps Wiki got its start over a cup of coffee, back in mid 2007 when Media wiki the software that runs Wikipedia had just been released as open source. By late 2007 Will Dickinson and Mike Sheppard combined their skill sets to develop the site you see today. Peace Corps Wiki is an online database of information about Peace Corps that invites all users to edit any page or to create new pages within the PeaceCorpsWiki website. It seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape. These articles can be edited infinitely to create content that many users agree on. Edits can be compared side by side to determine their contribution to the article.

The PC wikis goals include the following:
# Provide a forum for RPCVs, PCVs and people with an interest in Peace Corps.
# Store online documentation of what volunteering as a Peace Corps volunteer is like. Serving for two years in the Peace Corps may seem like a long time, but Close of Service may come faster than you expect. Volunteers can make the most of their time in-country through well organized material, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
# Promote institutional memory building within the Peace Corps.
# Expose and diffuse volunteer input that may help the in process of reform and growth at the administrative level of PC, which with intern shape future policy and training.
# Showcase the skills and accomplishments made by a wide cross section of volunteers.
# Spark the imaginations of those future volunteers and visionaries that have yet to join PC.
# Provide an expandable and up-to-date resource to communities, RPCVs, and current PCVs on Peace Corps.

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